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Dear Friends & Clients:

As a Board Certified Life Coach, I have full confidence that I can assist you in making great improvements regarding your life concerns and or goals.

I have been a career public school teacher, after a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Temple University. I then realized that my real passion lies in understanding the human condition in general, so I obtained my Master’s in Counseling.

Eventually, I got on a fast track to get my Board Certification as a Life Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education.

My confidence in my ability to help relies on my being a naturally good listener and a caring person as a first born in a family of nine. But then I have traveled the world, lived and worked among people of all types of backgrounds and creed.

More critically, I have had to adapt and overcome various challenges in life and they made me a more experienced person. I am eager to share my hard-earned Life Lessons, Experiences, Knowledge and Wisdom with you.

Being a career teacher consolidates my sharing capabilities as a Life Coach. However, I consider this closer to my heart and passion since only individuals who are willing and ready truly seek out a Life Coach.

Also note that I have expert knowledge of French language, as well as written and conversational abilities in Spanish.


PS: I stand behind the Quality and Professionalism of my services, and I will at least match the rates of any Credentialed or Legitimately Certified Life Coach you bring to my attention.