Grief is the many phases one goes through from a loss which may not be limited to loss of another person.

It is a natural process that needs time for the emotional healing to take place. But you don’t have to go through it alone. An empathetic and understanding listener can be a great help during such trying or even bewildering times.

There can be circumstances where one may not realize that they are grieving, in the case of an abortion for example. The reason being that at the time there may be a feeling of relieve to have resolved a problematic situation. But eventually, the sense of loss, and more come and settle for years.

Whatever your case, I am here for you.

More Thoughts on Death & Grieving:

Death ends a life, not a relationship, and you may not as some say or think “get over it”. You may come to change within your locus of control which is you and how you live your future, and subsequently grow from the experience. In that sense, it is a personal and intimate journey and one you don’t have to go through alone.

Whether you feel that by death comes the absolute end, bar nothing else or believe that you are still in psycho-emotional touch with the physically departed one(s), know that I want to hear your story. I sincerely empathize with the emotional rollercoaster you may be experiencing in grieving.

It is okay if others are not able to respond in the way that you would like or need them to, maybe this is too much or too awkward for them. It is a special and unique, psycho-emotional space to be in, that many haven’t experienced and ultimately will not traverse in the same manner, as all grieve differently.

Honor the spirit(s) in a way to continue the relationship in a productive fashion, that is a positive and healthy step. When you are ready you will know, by keeping a sense of clarity about you regarding life, circumstances and your connection.

Burying someone or disposing of the body in any way doesn’t get rid of the common memories, rather it is a practical means of dealing the physical representation. It is not an instance where you can ask for closure, you are not breaking a relationship. But there is now a new chapter in your life, and the heroes are still there, in existence, at least through your connection.