Many of us have a great sense of responsibility and commit to satisfying them at the expense of our own self care and love. It is important to nurture ourselves so that we can actually recharge ourselves sufficiently in order to meet all those obligations efficiently.

We need a satisfactory level of Personal Growth before we can be a genuine assistance to others, inspire them and see them in turn thrive in our shadow.

Different approaches and techniques can be implemented depending on the individual.

For instance, some may need to introspect more so that they can tap into their inner strength. While other need more time to interact within desired contexts to decide what alternatives are best suited for them.

And, as in all works or contributions from a Life Coach accountability is key. I would keep your feet to the fire so to speak. The Wellness Inventory Wheel is a great tool to provide perspective on Twelve Dimensions of your life, and it has a built-in component for setting SMART goals with convenient reminders.