It is certainly possible to coach someone on different aspects of life without formal training, and only on the basis of one’s own experiences and learning. And, even gain popularity on such grounds.

However, going through my training I was able to integrate aspects of assistance in this field that I truly believe will make a difference. Particularly, and aside from approach and techniques, a formal training does bring a keen attention to clients’ confidentiality which ought to be important to each and everyone. And, of course it is a sure way to adopt proper ethical and practice guidelines and regulations.

In addition, I want to mention that I am not a therapist, a counselor or any specialist that would dispense a diagnosis. What I offer is a comprehensive and positivist approach to overall wellbeing, tied into your own personal and individual resources as well as ability to expand and integrate improvements and success over time.

Below you will find the links for information pertaining to my educational background:


For your Peace of Mind: my BACKGROUND CHECK! <<<<<


I stand behind the Quality and Professionalism of my services, and I will at least match the rates of any Credentialed or Legitimately Certified Life Coach you bring to my attention.


  • I do not provide any prescriptive therapy or treatment.
  • Contact emergency services or 911 if you are in an emergency.
  • I value your confidentiality, and so please understand that a public forum is not a platform for life coaching sessions.
  • Consider information indicating harming self or others to be an exception to confidentiality.

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