Character & Reputation:

Much overlooked to the advantage of modern life’s demand for social adaption and competition, character building is deemed a cumbersome competency as opposed to what it used to be.
However, socially speaking, for safekeeping one’s reputation, it is fundamental to be proactive regarding one’s character, and that implies tending to ones’ thoughts, words and deeds consistently.
This nowadays demands a special effort as character education is usually neglected, but value your own self and life, and develop a broader understanding of personal pride and achievements. … More Character & Reputation:

Success in Failing?

You have only failed if you failed to learn from the failure.
Even Nature does not get it all right on the initial attempt(s).
So mere humans ought to adjust their attitude, and open to learning.
The learning mode in the midst of your challenges engages intelligence.
Intelligence brings clarity dispelling the energies of frustration and negativity. … More Success in Failing?

Taking Pride:

What or how much constitutes an accomplishment or success is a relative concept.
What and how much you will be personally proud of is part of your social learned construct.
Accomplish the things that matter to you as an individual, and learn to find satisfaction in those.
More Taking Pride: