Thoughts’ Reality Responsiveness:

The Day’s Inspiration: Reality Responsiveness:

Any thoughts, even the ones that are never desired, and dreaded are invisible (quantum) energy forms.
Thoughts cannot ultimately be totally controlled. In analogy, not any more than anyone can control the wind.
But it is important to learn to control our reactions to them. As we respond to them in any way, we feed them energy of our own.
With sufficient energy, the thought-forms take shape and become more of a living reality to be manifested.
Therefore, if able, be discriminative of the thoughts and ideations you dwell on.

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Inception: A Conception of Thought Forms

My comment:
Before actions and speech is thought!
So, it is a responsible individual to take stock and accountability of thoughts.
Although invisible, they are a most important part of who we are, were and become in time.
Positive or negative, they are definitely the most influential energy of our interactions and contributions to the world, as a species. … More Inception: A Conception of Thought Forms