a breakfast bar?

Original Question: I typically only eat a protein bar for breakfast, is that healthy or should I add anything else to get all the nutrients I need?

My Quick Comment:

Just a bar? No, sorry to say but this is inadequate. Depending on how long you go on with that.

But it might be okay with one or two bananas if you are traveling for instance.

As a dietary regimen, you’d want your meals to be balanced and nutritious. You owe that to your body and person!

Most likely, you have a comfortable and full dinner, on account of which you may still not have had a chance to work up an appetite by the morning.

Should that be the case, you would still be getting your fill at the end of the day; pun intended. But that is not optimum according to the more sensible pattern which consists of the inverse, that is having your heavier meals earlier in the day while still active.


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