Sugar Alcohols and Digestive Discomforts

Initial Question: What Causes Diet Sweets to give you Diarrhea?

My Answer:

I find this question interesting because I had to learn about it the hard way, way back in my youth, when I used to chew gum frequently. It would be the case that you are sensitive to these sweeteners which are natural or artificial sugars in these products.

Any or all of these sugars also known as a sugar alcohol (alcohol relatives) are creating an issue for your digestion. So because you aren’t able to break them down, they are irritating your digestive track which wants to expel them promptly, and that may be accompanied by flatulence and other discomforts until they are out.

Yet as soon as you have more, the problems start all over! After so many episodes and perplexity as to the reasons you pinned it down right, and that is very observant on your part!

You will notice their names ending in “ol” maltitol, xylitol, erythritol, sorbitol, etc… some end in “ose” sucrose, saccharose, fructose, etc… the list is long.

I hope this helps,

Be Well!

Coach Salif

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