Yoga & Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Initial Question: Can Yoga cure Bruxism?

My reply:

Yes, it will depend on the depth of your yoga.

If you know how to penetrate the tension in the tissues as you practice the asanas.

Then, you can acquire a deep enough state of relaxation, one that will give a more thorough rest for the mind and body.

As a result of such relaxation, the quality of your overall sleep is markedly improved. The session would need to be thorough, that is to say relatively intense, long enough as well as focused or bringing particular attention to tension points about the head of the body.

Areas to pay attention to should include upper chest, neck and its base, the jaws, the temples, the sinus zone, behind the ears and the cranium. Most of those areas can greatly benefit from deep tissue massages by dint of applying the fingers, in a pressuring and rotating manner.

Additionally, some introspective relaxation techniques before bedtime to address the day’s tensions and stress can bring about added benefits. Gradually that may guide to the source of the creation of the tension knots, that is ultimately your culprit.

I hope this helps,

Happy yoga 🙂

Coach Salif

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