Stay Home Mom!

Initial Inquiry: I’m having a hard time appreciating what I do have. I keep thinking about getting a job, making good money and having a good life. But I am a stay home mom to two kids, no job, a husband who has been out of work for 3 years. What do I do?

My Answer:

One way to help appreciate what you do have as a stay home mom is to actually simply appreciate those kids you are a mother to, and in time when they appreciate you back, then it was all just a matter of time.

You already have an extremely valuable job, so it must be done in the right way, as well. Your husband needs to handle the breadwinning end of the family.

Your husband if capable, should by all means, stand up to his responsibility. Alternatively, he can be the actual stay home parent while you switch roles with him so that one of you is caring for the household. A teamwork approach is advantageous to all parties involved!

But currently if no valid reason, it is also not a good role modeling for your children to be learning that adults may just not work to care for the family they create.

If you can afford to stay and do your contribution from the family abode and continue to fulfill your responsibility to your children in this manner, know that the sacrifice is way worth it, but you’d have to know that for yourself.

Be Well!

Coach Salif

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