ADD, any advantages?

Initial Inquiry: Someone asking for advise living with ADHD asked the following question: “If I wasn’t ADD, would I have this crazy amount of hobbies and interests?

My Answer:

Before getting my certification as a Life Coach, I taught special education, ADHD/ADD & ED in the public school setting for many years. At one point I was teaching in DC at a school called Kingsbury Center, an all ADHD school from the elementary on the first level to the high school on the third. I called it ADHD heaven! So, I have been privy to the challenges and also the specialness in different individual character traits of behaviors.

You ask: “If I wasn’t ADD, would I have this crazy amount of hobbies and interests?”

Your rapid scanning attention and its span make it so that you can indeed more easily create interest in more aspects around you than most people. But is that what you want more of? Are you sufficiently or better put, satisfactorily connecting with these different interests?

It is very possible that were you to focus more, and learn to prioritize as well as evaluate the long-range implication of your choices and decisions, that you would be more efficient. And as a result, more confidence to juggle your dreams more easily, because you’d assess your aspirations, dreams, possibilities and their advantages more accurately.

I do believe that the right life coach could be a very positive contribution to your routine. Ultimately, such an assistant will give you a sense of accountability and selectiveness. You already seem to have well noted what you need assistance with, so the right specialist will bring in some orientation.

Finally, for long term help, you’d want to find means that will allow to you integrate a more manageable and focused rhythm.

Stay on top of it!

Coach Salif

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