Solitude can be Fortitude:

The Day’s Inspiration:
Solitude can be Fortitude:
In solitude, you have the fortitude to introspect.
This is other than being an introvert. It is a purposeful search for inner realization.
Deep introspection demands the courage to isolate oneself and delve within one’s own inner world.
Low and below, the limited microcosm within thee connects to the wider macrocosm universally ever-present and primordial.

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Angry? Stop!

A basic human/ animalistic defense mechanism.
It is common to most beings endowed with sense of intelligence.
Yet, it calls for our base nature principally, and its effects can be devastating.
Disarm it, by delaying reactions. This deactivates the psycho-emotional connections.
Then, the mind can access higher sense of reasoning and change the responsiveness altogether.

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How to Parent:

Just as the animal kingdom shows us the example.
Very rarely do they reprimand, but constantly they naturally model.
Our children as well must also witness in order to register on their deeper neural level.
Therefore, one’s presence and direct contribution to them is fundamental and irreplaceable.

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Gold or Love?

It should never be in question.
Value systems do need to not be taken for granted.
Every once in a while, it is morally sound and healthy to take a closer look.
All things considered, don’t we at times sacrifice beings and principles of love for objects of love?

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