Believing & Life Purpose!

Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do.Orison Swett Marden

Dr. Orison Swett Marden (1848-1924) was an American inspirational author

π‘΄π’š π‘°π’π’”π’‘π’Šπ’“π’†π’… π‘ͺπ’π’Žπ’Žπ’†π’π’•:
π•Ύπ–”π–šπ–‘ π–˜π–Šπ–†π–—π–ˆπ– 𝖙𝖔 π–‹π–Žπ–“π–‰ 𝖆 π–’π–Šπ–†π–“π–Žπ–“π–Œ 𝖙𝖔 π–žπ–”π–š 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π–žπ–”π–šπ–— π–‘π–Žπ–‹π–Š.
π•―π–Žπ–›π–Š π–Žπ–“ π–žπ–”π–šπ–— π–•π–Šπ–—π–˜π–”π–“, 𝖙𝖔 π–‡π–—π–Šπ–†π–™π–π–Š π–”π–šπ–™ 𝖆 π–•π–šπ–—π–•π–”π–˜π–Š 𝖙𝖔 π–žπ–”π–šπ–— π–‘π–Žπ–‹π–Š.
π•­π–Šπ–‘π–Žπ–Šπ–›π–Š 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙 π–žπ–”π–š π–ˆπ–†π–“ π–’π–†π–π–Š 𝖆 π–‰π–Žπ–‹π–‹π–Šπ–—π–Šπ–“π–ˆπ–Š 𝖙𝖔 π–žπ–”π–š, 𝖋𝖔𝖗 π–žπ–”π–š, 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π–”π–™π–π–Šπ–—π–˜.
𝕬 π–’π–Šπ–†π–“π–Žπ–“π–Œπ–‹π–šπ–‘ 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π–•π–šπ–—π–•π–”π–˜π–Šπ–‹π–šπ–‘ π–‘π–Žπ–‹π–Š π–˜π–™π–†π–—π–™π–˜ 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖒 π–œπ–Žπ–™π–π–Žπ–“ π–šπ–˜, 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π–”π–šπ–— π–‡π–Šπ–‘π–Žπ–Šπ–›π–Žπ–“π–Œ π–Žπ–“ π–Žπ–™.

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